07-22-2022 Greenworld Environmental Alliance, a 501.c.3 component of Greenworld Innovations, blenders and distributor of De-Oil-It has received a grant sponsored by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission to partner with Mote Marine Laboratories in Sarasota, Florida to scale Red Tide Mitigation to open water eradication of red tide and detoxification of k. brevis the toxin that is harmful to aquatic wildlife, fish, and humans. De-Oil-It has proven to produce NON-DETECTION of k. brevis after treatment and to eliminate the red tide algae. Grant ID 9423
7-29-2022 Greenworld Innovations, blender and distributor of De-Oil-It has received a 10-year product umbrella permit that accompanies a purchase and use of De-Oil-It for hydrocarbon remediation innovation technology ID 1646. Remediation of De-Oil-It is now safely allowed for in situ groundwater remediation (such as aquifers, wells, etc.) or water run-off from cleaning entering parking lot and street drains; usage of De-Oil-It in these situations do not require an acceptance letter from FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) you would if needed refer to FDEP Innovative Technology Application number 1646