De-Oil-It is an innovative hydrocarbon DEGRADER solution

De-Oil-It degrades the following contaminants:

    • Fuels : gasoline, diesel, kerosene (heating and aviation quality), etc.
    • Oil : raw, refined, processed
    • TCE  –  Tricloroethylene
    • PCB  –  Polychlorinated Bi-Phenyls
    • PAH  –  Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
    • Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Glycols

How it Works

Ready-to-Use or Industrial Concentrate

De-Oil-It is sold as a liquid solution in two formulas “Ready-to-Use” and “Industrial Concentrate”

Ready-to-Use is exclusively marketed as the De-Oil-It brand and is available in 22oz spray bottle, and jugs in volumes of 1 gallon – 2.5 gallon – 5 gallon, and we also offer a 55 gallon drum. These products are pre-mixed meaning the application process does not necessarily need to follow a dilution guide concerning ratios of water and De-Oil-It; we have already formulated an optimal solution strength relevant to nearly any residential and small to medium size business needs.

Industrial Concentrate is marketed as EcoSpersa and is a non-diluted formula intended to be used in large remediation efforts to clean oil / fuel spills on land as well as water. Upon sale of EcoSpersa we will provide how-to-apply information including recommended dilution ratio and explain best-practice approaches to your remediation task.

Both formulas are non-hazardous.

Shipping Codes: NMFS Code 48580-3, Class 55 for domestic shipments and internationally the code is HS 3402.90.90