What does Ready-to-Use mean?

Ready to Use is a premixed formula that is as simple as pour and apply. Our industrial concentrate in many cases should be mixed with water; we have a dilution guide to help you set the right ratio for the job. 

Ready-to-Use products are premixed at an optimal general cleaning ratio, you can also dilute according to our square foot coverage guide; however we do not recommend diluting RTU; we specifically blended to buy, pour, clean, rinse, done! In most cases our industrial concentrate should be diluted as water is an activating agent. 

Note that De-Oil-It is a specialized cleaner formulated to DEGRADE hydrocarbon contaminants such as oil and fuel spills. A degrader is far superior to degreasing actions because a degrader neutralizes the toxicity of the contamination and therefore more environmentally responsible; a degreaser remains toxic, only moves contamination from one location another and you are still requiring to manage a degreaser hazmat remnants. 

After applying De-Oil-It to oil / fuel, etc. your best results are obtained when you allow soaking time, the more time without drying out the better the results, and then wash away knowing De-Oil-It will continue to break down hydrocarbons to keep the environment safe from toxicity.

What does Industrial Strength Concentrate mean?

The Industrial Strength Concentrate (ISC) is a non-diluted formula; RTU (Ready-to-Use) is pre-diluted in strengths 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 30:1.

Industrial Strength Concentrate gives the purchaser a wider range of using the product to a variety of cleaning tasks. Both RTU and ISC have no shelf life; as long as you recap the product to reduce / prevent some evaporation the product will remain at its original strength. 

ISC is a must for hydrocarbon (Oil / Fuel) spills in waterways (ponds, lakes, rivers, gulf, ocean, etc.). ISC is the go-to-product for large scale remediation projects in which the clean up process, using our How-to-Use documentation (in our Website’s “data” menu section), will dilute (adding water) to ACTIVATE and have the best strength for the job. 


What is the best ratio (dilution) for the job?

We recommend the following dilutions (water to De-Oil-It; so 3:1 is three parts water and one part De-Oil-It) for your particular cleaning task at hand:

1:1  Fire Prevention (De-Oil-It is a natural fire extinguisher)

2:1  Cleaning engines, engine parts, lawn equipment, bilge pumps, turbine engine and turbine engine parts, hydralic lines and leaks

3:1  Cleaning driveways, pavers (heavy stains), wheel rims, carbon build up (carburetor), fuel tanks, boat docks and decking

4:1  Industrial metal parts to remove thin protective layer oil, pavers (light stains)

5:1  Laundry (clothes, rags, etc.), car windshield / lights debugger, refinery drill rigs (and ‘pigs’), marine decking scuff marks, parking garage floors

6:1  Gas station platforms / dispensers

30:1  Floors (factory, commercial, supermarket, hospitals, home, garage, shop), boat washing, car washing

UNCUT (“ISC”)  Remediation (land, beaches, marches, retention ponds, oceans, lakes, etc.)


What’s your return policy?

Purchases are final. This product has been successfully used in the market place for over 20 years. If in doubt use smaller quantities for testing, otherwise we are confident the product absolutely is the best on the market.


What’s your warranty?

There is no implicit warranty associated with usage and performance; we know from university grant study, years of product usage and most recently remediation work under EPA supervision that the product works as claimed with regard to DEGRADING (vs. degreasing), and if used properly (we have a product usage guide in the DATA tab section) hydrocarbon contamination is treatable using De-Oil-It / ecoSpersa (these are the same product, same formula, just different branding strategies). 

Shelf life is unlimited given that it is stored in original containers and that the product is capped. If the product is moved to another kind of container you run the risk of compromising the container if it is lined with any kind of plastic lining that has not been properly treated. To this end we warrant our containers to end life of the product (and since 1968 we have never had the product eat through the containers as we specifically ordered an appropriate lining as part of container acquisition).


What’s your liability policy?

We recommend but do not require adequate ventilation, eye protection, and skin protection. Ready to Use (RTU) and Industrial Strength Concentrate (ISC) are non-corrosive but since it is a kind of organic soap you could experience irritation to eyes and skin in which case you need to rinse thoroughly with water. 


Therefore, returns, warranty and liability are managed under a once purchased the consumer / industrial / remediation usage is “use at your own risk”. Keys to application usage depend on temperature, humidity, dilution, soaking time, and several other factors described in our product usage guide (in the Data tab of our web site)

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

We only ship domestically to registered street addresses and P.O. Box; if you need overseas shipping contact customer service so we can either find a regional distributor or help you under stand shipping costs.

Overseas shipments are expensive using DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.; inventory shipped in containers will not leave port until the container is full which could delay when you would receive the product.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Call 407-574-3898 from 9am-5pm EST or send an email to info@deoilit.com