DE-OIL-IT, a Hydrocarbon “Degrader” is now on the NCP list as a Surface Washing Agent

De-Oil-It is an exceptional cleaner and is regarded as a HYDROCARBON DEGRADER. Hydrocarbons include oils, fuels, greases, and more. Degrading means to decompose, break apart, and dissemble the hydrocarbon chain into smaller, less complex, less toxic chemical structures.

A degrader is more environmentally responsible than a degreaser or ordinary soaps and detergent because the result of a De-Oil-It cleaning process means the detection of hydrocarbon pollution is negligent to non-detectable. Degreasers, soaps, detergents, solvents, etc. clean by attaching to the hydrocarbon (fuel, oil, etc.) essentially just moving the contamination from one place to another requiring further hazmat handling, cost, and time; a degrader on the other hand disassembles and then transforms hydrocarbons into a detoxified, simpler chemical structure, thereby being much more environmentally responsible and safe. De-Oil-It can be used on-site without the need to move contaminated soils somewhere else for treatment.

De-Oil-It breaks down complex hydrocarbon chemical structures up to C40. Water “activates” De-Oil-It’s concentrated formula, the ingredients utilize H2O to disassemble the hydrocarbon chain.

De-oil-It, activated by H20, dissembles the hydrocarbon chain into smaller, simpler chemical compounds greatly reducing the toxicity of the original contaminant (oil, fuel, hydraulic, etc.) Our RTU (Ready-to-Use) formula is available in activated form. Both RTU and ISC (Industrial Strength Concentrate) have an unlimited shelf life. De-Oil-It uses Hydrogen and Oxygen to cap the ends of smaller hydrocarbon chains, creating a condition whereby these smaller hydrocarbon pieces will not reattach to nearby broken-down hydrocarbon pieces. Popular degreasers, dishwashing soaps, and detergents do not “cap” the ends of disassembled hydrocarbon chain’s smaller pieces, resulting in reattaching disassembled hydrocarbon chain parts to form globs of oil which wash up on our shorelines and essentially failing to clean, instead of managing remediation like De-Oil-It does by preventing reattaching. Furthermore, the degraded/disassembled hydrocarbon chain pieces are now more readily consumed safely by bacteria to allow for biodegrading to complete the transformation of the original hydrocarbon contaminant into elementary non-threatening, environmentally safe structures as evidenced by lab testing of the resulting transformed hydrocarbon into negligible to non-detection toxic elements

Fuels of all kinds such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, aviation, etc. are no match for De-Oil-It, which instantly decomposes and eradicates fuels. De-Oil-It can act as a fire extinguisher or as fire prevention around fuel spills as De-Oil-It eliminates flash points (a spill will not catch fire), and removes odor (fuel vapor is highly flammable/explosive and toxic to breathe in). It is engineered to be extremely effective on hydrocarbon oil and lipid fats,

De-Oil-It is an environmentally responsible industrial strength degreaser and general-purpose cleaner. It is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive system of surfactant and oil solubilizers, which dissolve grease and grime by way of micelle formation.

When De-Oil-It is used in a pressure washer or used with agitation (usually using a scrub brush or a broom), the surface-active agents in De-Oil-It penetrate oil, grease, and grime and cause it to disperse into a colloidal suspension which can be rinsed away from a surface or dispersed by dilution in a body of water.

List of elements De-Oil-It can detoxify